10 Fun Spring Style Tips
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10 Fun Spring Style Tips

Now that spring is here, it’s time to head out into the sun and enjoy some breezy weather these next few months. From all the latest trends to timeless classics, there are plenty of fun ways to work your wardrobe this spring. Put a little pep in your step this season with any of these ten fun spring style tips that will get you in bright clothes perfect for spring in no time!

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  1. Try Denim on Denim — Denim is a timeless and seasonless classic that can be worn through all the seasons and never go out of style. We love the denim-on-denim look, such as a denim top with a denim skirt or classic denim jeans. If denim on denim just seems like too much, try a long-sleeved denim button-down top with cute pants for women in a different texture like velvet.
  2. Put On an Oversized Long-Sleeved Shirt — What better way to rock the oversized tops and bottoms trend than with an oversized long-sleeved shirt? These kinds of trendy blouses can be worn for a wide variety of occasions this spring. Play around with different patterns this spring like a green leopard print or pretty pink and yellow florals.
  3. Wear a Long-Sleeved Dress — When you think of dresses for spring, you’re probably thinking about flowy maxi dresses and lightweight short-sleeved dresses. However, there are plenty of trendy dresses that you can wear for spring that do have long sleeves. Try dresses with floral patterns if you really want to celebrate the spring season. You can play around with different prints like plaid and gingham, as well, if you prefer a more subtle touch. For a night out, try a dress with a high neck and ruffle detail.
10 Fun Spring Style Tips

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  1. Slip into Colorful Pants — We are all about colorful pants this season, and we’re not just talking about your favorite pair of bright pink or pastel-colored leggings. Slip into colorful pants this season by trying teal-colored joggers or jeans in a fun and bright color. If neutrals are more your style, instead of choosing black or white, try something like an off-white or cream color for the spring season.
  2. Pick Colors and Patterns for Spring — According to The EveryMom, there are plenty of trends to get excited about this spring season, such as ultra-feminine touches and denim silhouettes. However, there are still plenty of light neutrals, gingham prints, and sandals that are classics which come back every spring. As for footwear, you’ll see plenty of white sneakers this season, but if you want something dressier, try open-back mules or a slingback with a low heel. If you have an outdoor event, wedges are a lovely option this spring.
  3. Choose a Classic Spring Dress — Wearing something stylish this spring is easy breezy when you wear a classic spring dress. Think florals and pastels for a classic spring look. If you do want something classic with a twist, go for a mini dress in a brighter neon color to turn heads. You don’t have to wait for Memorial Day to come around to start wearing a sleek white dress. Show that you’re ready for warmer weather by putting on a white dress and accessorizing with some bold accessories.
  4. Accessorize with Colorful Jewelry — Now, let’s talk about colorful jewelry for the spring season. We love dangle earrings and chandelier earrings that act as statement pieces all year long. If you want jewelry that’s especially meant for the spring season, get necklaces and earrings in colors like teal or patterns like tortoise. Try understated flower studs that are sure to be your favorites as the weather warms up.
10 Fun Spring Style Tips

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  1. Picking Professional Looks for Spring — We’ve talked a lot about outfits that you can wear this spring, but how about rocking your spring look when you’re stuck at the office all day? The good news is that you can let your inner fashionista shine even from the comfort of your desk. Wear a blouse or button-down with lightweight fabric such as silk or cotton. You’ll want flowy tops that are in light colors like pastels or white, or you can switch it up with floral prints or a paisley print.
  2. Layering for Chilly Spring Days — Layering during transitional seasons like spring and fall can be tricky. In the morning, you’ll feel like you might need a winter jacket, but by the afternoon you’re sweating all over whatever you’re wearing as the sun beams down on you. The weather easily goes from cold to warm in no time, so the trick to layering in the spring is to wear a sweater or a light jacket over your top. Try open cardigans or moto jackets that are easy to take on or off as the weather changes throughout the day. With so many comfortable options, athleisure wear pieces are also great for layering.  

 Dressing for Spring Rain — The rainy spring season is here. While we can’t make the rain, rain go away, you can dress nicely in preparation for rainy spring weather. Have fun accessorizing with galoshes or rain boots and umbrellas. Now’s the time to show off a thoughtful raincoat over a dress or a shirt and jeans so that your raincoat becomes the statement piece.

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