15 Things to Consider When Buying Lingerie
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15 Things to Consider When Buying Lingerie

Despite how beautiful and attractive lingerie can look, you will be surprised at how tough it is to get the perfect one for you. 

For all you lingerie lovers out there who need help in buying out the perfect lingerie for yourself, we have got you covered.

Below we have offered you a list of some well-thought tips that can help you in deciding which sophisticated lingerie you should be wearing ecstatically soon.

1. Know What You Feel Good in

This doesn’t only refer to when you buy lingerie. When it comes to buying any outfit, comfort and confidence while wearing it is a huge priority.

No matter how good a piece of fabric is, it’s only worth spending your money on it if it makes you feel bold and confident in it

2. Take Help from the Professionals

Maybe your own lingerie collection might not exactly be a good reference material when you go out buying lingerie or you might be thinking you want to try buying something new this time.

Obviously, that means you have no clue what you are looking for right?

In that case, find boutiques where you can talk to a professional (such as https://www.justemoi.co.uk/lingerie). The employees at a lingerie store are knowledgeable about the types of pieces that will look good on a certain body.

So go ahead, take their word for it and give these new pieces a try. 

3. Accurate Measurements

If you want to feel comfortable and want to get the perfect fit for your lingerie, make sure you don’t neglect to measure yourself before coming to the store. 

Bust, hips and tummy are some of the places of the body that keep changing their shape the most. That’s why it’s important to measure yourself before buying lingerie or anything fitted when you go out shopping.


You can measure it yourself but it can be quite difficult as you need to stand up straight when measuring the required parts of your body.

In that case, you can always take the help of a professional. Seamstress or the employees at the lingerie store can help you with that. 

4. Colours Make a Huge Difference

Aside from the variety of styles, lingerie also provides so many colours in each of their pieces making each of them as stunning as the one before. 

You can always get the ones that really catch your eye but you need to consider how the colour will look on your body first.

For darker skin tones, bright colours can appear sexier and for lighter-skinned ones, they can rock their sex appeal with some radiant and neutral colours as well.

5. Start With a Simple Piece

When we hear the word ‘lingerie’, most of us end up thinking up of a model wearing some of the most extravagant and fancy types of lingerie you have ever seen. 

While it’s true that lingerie can be quite over the top at times, – it doesn’t mean that you should only get the ones that are exactly like that. If you are fairly new to buying lingerie, we suggest that you should opt for simpler pieces instead. 

They can make you feel more comfortable and not overwhelm as the other extravagant pieces might have done.

Build your wardrobe up from the bottom up with simple yet cute lingerie sets and then opt for more fancy pieces when you feel like trying something new. 

6. Look Into the Fabric

You might go to a store and come across a beautiful to-die-for lingerie set that you have to get. When you put it on, it might end up looking perfect on you as well. But does the fabric feel just as good?

There are times when the lingerie can look good but the fabric can be terrible. It might itch you and irritate your skin to no end.

That is why it is important that you should be aware of what fabrics these pieces are made off before you can try them on. This way you won’t have to feel bad about looking good in a lingerie set made from terrible fabric. 

Opt for quality materials instead. Silk and lace embroider designs are some of the few fabric choices that will surely make you feel good every time you put on lingerie made from those materials. 

7. Change According to Season

When it comes to buying lingerie, choosing the right set according to the season is highly important but more than often overlooked. 

The reason is that people are more mesmerized by the design of the lingerie pieces rather than how much material is used to construct it.

Wearing heavily embroider lingerie in the summer is going to make you sweat in seconds before you even put on some clothes.

And in the winter, you will end up shivering the day away in a light constructed lingerie set and desperately looking for a chance to dive under the covers. 

While you are too busy trying to regulate your body temperature, you might end up ruining your special occasions or make your partner feel bothered by your distracted state.

That is why purchase those heavy pieces when it’s cooler and lighter pieces when its warm so that you can only focus on looking good at all times.  

8. Highlight Your Body Figure


Lingerie helps to bring out the maximum appeal that your body can deliver.

And if you already have assets you want to show off such as a good bust or a curvy waist, why not allow the lingerie to make it look even better?

For those who prefer to highlight their chest should consider wearing corsets, shelf bras. And those who want to accentuate their bottom should wear thongs, garter belts or even cheeky panties.

Lingerie was made to cater to the needs of highlighting whatever part of the body women wanted to show off while feeling good in their lingerie. 

9. Bring the Outfit Along

You might end up going to a lingerie store, find an attractive piece and buy it, only to find out that the dress you had planned to wear it under does not mesh well with it at all. 

Whenever you go out shopping, always make sure to bring your outfit along. That way you can check on the spot whether if both the fabrics and colour of both will match together or not. 

10. Opinion of Friend

When buying lingerie, ask your friend to join you as well. A store clerk might say the things you want to hear because it’s possible that they might be saying it so you can buy it. 

On the other hand, a friend will be able to offer you an honest opinion and best advice when you are looking for a third party opinion. 

11. Remember the Occasion

Sometimes, style takes priority over comfort. But you need to know when exactly is that time when you don’t have to make compromises with your style. 

It specifically depends on the occasion. Valentine’s Day is one example where you go all out in looking most attractive self to make you and your partner happy.

For these once in a year type of occasions, you can buy over the top lingerie which specifically makes you look good if not anything else.  

12. Be Flexible

There will be instances where you find a lingerie set you like but it’s the only good piece you have. In these cases, you must learn to be flexible. 

Buy same coloured or designed panties or bras that match your set. Then you can mix them up from time to time and increase your lingerie variety. 

13. Higher Coverage

No doubt wearing lingerie can make you feel your absolute best-but not everyone can easily flaunt their body easily while wearing these lacy constructed together fabrics. 

It’s ok to feel shy in the beginning but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to wear these. Get into the habit by first wearing high coverage lingerie pieces so that you can feel more comfortable in the beginning. 

14. Different Brands, Different Sizes

Some brands focus on sizes that support the breasts while others make sizes that accentuate the brands.

Since women have a lot of requirement for how they want their bras to make their breasts look, it can be confusing on which one you should buy. 

For that purpose, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the different types of sizing such as core and plus sizing etc.

This way, you can look for specific bras Sri Lanka that can fulfil the purpose that you were looking for.  

15. When it’s a Gift

Many people, specifically couples, buy lingerie to gift each other on any occasion.

When picking it out, make sure you know the measurements of who you are giving it to. Also, pick something you feel they will look good in. 

Furthermore, make sure that you gift it as earlier as possible.

It’s possible there might be a problem with the fitting or something they don’t like so you can easily return it back if the need be.  

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