Ways To Style Your Intimates
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6 Ways To Style Your Intimates

Many people are actively finding ways to spice up their wardrobes. One of the most underrated fashion trends is sporting lingerie or intimate clothing. Intimates were only worn as private pieces of clothing previously; hence, they should only be seen under your clothes or in the bedroom. Thankfully, it has become more acceptable to wear lingerie outside the bedroom and mix it with your daily outfits. After all, it would be a shame to have those cheeky laces or stylish knit bralette hidden away by your oversized tees or tent dresses.   

So, if you wish to improve your wardrobe, perhaps now’s the time to go through your intimates and think of ways to style them, instead of repetitively buying new shirts and dresses now and then. Remember, some intimates are worth seeing and flexing. To begin, here are six ways you can style your intimates and set the trend of using lingerie as part of your daily fashion:   

  1. Wear Them Under A Blazer   

One of the easiest ways to casually style your lingerie is wearing it under a blazer. Pull out one of your luxurious intimate bras and sport it underneath your business blazer. Then, complete the outfit by pairing it with jeans or leggings. To add more style and attitude, you can wear a choker, collar, or a statement necklace, depending on the kind of vibe you’re aiming for the day. You may also keep it simple by wearing a pair of statement earrings and letting your intimate bra become the focal point of your outfit.   

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  1. Rock Your Longline Lace Bralette Over Your Shirt  

You’re not always required to wear your lingerie underneath your clothes. Instead, you can look more stylish and have more edge if you wear your lingerie over your ordinary daily clothes. For instance, you can try wearing a cropped crewneck t-shirt underneath that bralette. You may even see some celebrities or well-known models wear it like that. Pair it with jeans for a stylish day-to-night outfit to finish the look. You may also wear black sunglasses or a black coat over your outfit for an elegant look. Ultimately, the key here is to find clothing pieces that complement each other. 

  1. Wear A Sheer Top Or Dress Over Your Sultry Intimates  

If you’re brave enough to show off more of your lingerie without being too revealing, consider wearing a sheer top or dress over it. To start, you may experiment by wearing a sheer top as a great way to style and showcase your sultry bra or bralette. Then, pair it with one of your wardrobe essentials like trousers or jeans and sneakers for a casual but stylish look. Alternatively, you can also go for dark-colored sheer tops or undergarments if you prefer a subtle look.  

Meanwhile, if you’re seasoned or already brave enough to wear lingerie outdoors, you can opt for tight sheer dresses that will expose your bra and underwear and emphasize your curves. Glittery intimates may look more stylish and visually appealing when paired with transparent dresses and high-heeled shoes.  

  1. Wear A Lace Bra Under A Cardigan  

Styling your lingerie isn’t always about showing it off. Sometimes, you can pair it with your most comfortable outfit, such as your cardigan. When trying this comfy style, you can leave a few buttons of your cardigan undone and tease a bit of view of your lace bra, or you can completely unbutton your cardigan. Either way, you can wear this outfit when lounging on the couch all day or attending a fashion week.  

  1. Pair Your Bra With Wide Pants 

Instead of trying to cover up your intimates, why not just show them all out and wear your bra as if it’s a top? So, pull out the best bra top in your wardrobe and pair it with wide pants, cargo pants, or baggy jeans. You can surely wear this sleek and modern outfit when going out with your friends during the day or attending a party at night. If you’re after a more eye-catching look, wear your hair in a high bun to emphasize your neck and your stylish lace bra top.  

  1. Wear Them Under A Statement Jacket 
Style Your Intimates

If you’re in the mood to be bold, try wearing your favorite lace bra top under one of your statement jackets. Whether you have an oversized denim jacket, cropped jean jacket, or faux fur, any of them will work just as fine. However, be cautious when selecting colored jackets as some of them may appear weird, disorganized, or simply out of place.  

For example, a white lace bralette may look better with white faux fur, or a white bra top may match better with a light denim jacket. Once you’ve figured out the colors, go all out by pairing the outfit with heels or boots.  

Wrapping Up 

From everyday wear to fashion week and nightlife moments, you can use your intimates and sultry lingerie as fashion staples. As long as you’re wearing and styling it right, you can wear even your tiniest bra top on any occasion. So, if you wish to up your wardrobe game, try out these tips and show off your best and most luxurious intimate wear.

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