80s fashion trends for women

80s fashion trends for women

80s fashion trends for women

We can all agree that the 80s fashion was quite distinct and unique. A variety of designs and styles stood out throughout the 80s fashion. When evaluating products on the market at the time, women had several options to choose from in 80s fashion. This era saw a rise in the impact and domination of 80s fashion.

The majority of women during this decade preferred clothing with a fitted appearance. It was essential for them to show up to work during this time wearing at least a jacket or suit; sometimes with shoulder pads. Major clothing and apparel manufacturers like Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans made 80s fashion clothes; advertising that had a big impact on the public. The way that 80s fashion was commercialized was also significantly influenced by television dramas and reality shows. Movies and the stylish characters in them served as another source of inspiration for people.

Celebrities had a significant impact on 80s fashion and served as many people’s role models.

Without a doubt, 80s fashion trends are quite popular right now and for all the right reasons. There is little question that the strong, loud, and sharp vibe that true fashion must always have; was expressed by the 80s fashion. While it’s the new craze right now; you won’t want to miss out on spreading that amazing 80s vibe and making a statement wherever you go. Please feel at rest; we are here to help. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some great inspiration for 80s fashion that you have to attempt. Simply scroll down and pick the one 80s fashion that grabs your attention. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why was this era so important to fashion?

The fashion business experienced a lot of innovation throughout the 1980s. Designers were discarding traditional and timeless looks in favor of wild and modern concepts. The customary outfit was promptly dropped. Numerous advancements were made in several industries throughout the 1980s, including music, art, fashion, and television. We all still reflect on this historical era even decades later.

It was genuinely feasible to be who you were in the 1980s. Nobody was blamed for the gaudy clothing, huge shoulder pads, or neon colors and geometric patterns. You could dress however crazily you wanted without feeling self-conscious. It was best if you had more hair. The goal in the 1980s was to surpass what had already been accomplished. We’ll always remember it as a memorable event and take some fashion cues from it.

80s women’s clothing

Some of the most distinctive and adventurous fashion trends in human history appeared in the 1980s. We’re not just talking about shoulder pads, spandex, and bright colors. Not to mention parachute pants, long hair, and leg warmers.

What is there to dislike about 1980s fashion? Women probably experienced this decade in the nicest ways. When it came to daily clothing, they had a wide range of possibilities.

Studying women’s fashion from the 1980s

There were many high fashion trends in the 1980s. But there were also a lot of low-cost items to take note of. A woman in the 1980s might invest in an expensive power suit for the workplace. But her nighttime attire might consist of nothing more complicated than spandex leggings, a cut-off t-shirt, and leg warmers. Remember to use a colorful headband to keep your side ponytail in place. We can look forward to pointy shoulders, loose clothing, and tight gowns in this decade’s fashion. Let’s examine more closely what transpired with fashion throughout the 1980s.

Initial 1980s

The early 1980s were largely a decade of transformation. One of the many fashion trends that were popular in the 1970s was neutral colors, along with geometric cutting. However, things began to gain a little more attention after a while.

In the early 1980s, velour and velvet were frequently used. Both sophisticated and casual clothes were made from these softer materials. Dresses with boxy and puffy shoulders were common for formal occasions. For jeans and dress pants, a higher waistband was incorporated.


Celebrity fashion started to have a big impact on what ladies were wearing as the middle of the 1980s came near. The young audience dressed in leggings, wild hair, bangle bracelets, and hoops in full 80s fashion. Your outfit was more unusual and elaborate the better.

Despite not always being as daring as the younger fashionistas; senior people and middle-aged women nonetheless exhibited certain recognizable fashion trends. Pants with suspenders were a very streamlined and comfortable option. Normally, you would pair your slimmer jeans with a baggy sweatshirt or pullover. The ideal outfit in the middle of the 1980s included huge, thick belts and high-top sneakers.

The late 1980s

The late 1980s were when this decade’s fashion excelled. Brands grew to become more well-known. If you wanted to be noticed, you either wore branded clothing or purchased a pair of sneakers. Several fashion magazines that provided advice and suggestions for dressing were also becoming more and more well-known during this period. Women were modeling their looks after what they saw in commercials and music videos.

1980s Fashion

Margaret Thatcher and other well-known individuals also wore personalized attire. Yuppies, on the other hand, dressed as Princess Diana did. In the 1980s, many common people’s fashion choices were influenced by these and other influential political figures.

New romantics, power dressing, stretch dressing, and sportswear were also popular among regular people. These four major categories are typically present in people’s mental images of the decade. The 80s were known for their brilliantly colored attire, scrunched-up socks, rolled-up pants, and shredded jeans.

  • 80s fashion fitness-related clothing

In casual contexts, sportswear has grown more socially acceptable. The popularity of the fitness trend has increased thanks in part to movie stars like Olivia Newton-John and Jane Fonda. In the 1980s, when appearance came to mean more, health care became a priority for more people.

For instance, leg warmers are becoming a popular trend in fashion accessories. Bodysuits with vibrant colors or softer patterns also stood out. Additionally, when picking footwear for the 1980s fashion, younger individuals preferred sneakers to formal shoes. Women may pair casual footwear with ankle socks.

  • Hip-Hop Fashion

Logos on various fabrics were a defining feature of 1980s hip-hop clothing. American fashion designer Daniel Day, also referred to as Dapper Dan, like to add unique details to his clothes. LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and other hip-hop legends had a big influence on menswear in the 1980s.

Along with accessories, casual clothing like tracksuits, leather jackets, bomber designs, and mink coats; may bear the trademarks of these fashion companies. Sunglasses with vibrant or reflective lenses and a leather aviator jacket go well together. The 1980s marked a tipping point in the availability of accessories to the general population. It became fashionable to wear branded eyewear, gold chains, bucket hats, and other accessories.

  • Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads were a popular fashion item in the 1980s. They were worn by elder women, younger girls, and adult women. Shoulder pads could be found on dresses, bridal gowns, pants suits, and denim jackets. There is a tonne of pictures of 1980s fashion that feature these items. For women working in offices, power dress was normal, and the broad shoulders helped make the waist appear smaller. The woman’s fashion choice was another example of how women might compete with men.

  • 80s punk fashion

Both punk rock and glam rock looks rose to popularity in the 1980s. Punk is a louder, faster-paced form of music than rock, and many punk fashion fans; felt it was important to protest against “quick fashion,” doing so by combining used clothing or “upcycling.” Chains were crucial to punk fashion since they were easily accessible at home.

On the opposite extreme, extravagance was emphasized in 1980s glam rock attire. In contrast to punk fashion, rock clothing often includes thick makeup, studs, spikes, and brightly colored accessories.

  • The 1980s saw a rise in demand for denim

The 80s denim trends were distinguished by their greater adaptability. Everything was made of denim, including coats, jeans, and skirts. At the time, mom jeans were a common style of comfortable, loose-fitting denim pants. “Mom” jeans were simple to recognize because of the little bluish hue and extra space around the zipper and leg openings. High-waisted jeans were a popular cut for women’s 80s clothes, along with acid-washed jeans.

  • 1980s Teens Fashion

Following the rise of fast food came waves of low-cost, easy-to-wear clothing known as fast fashion. When comfy apparel like baggy hoodies, jeans, and leggings gained popularity in the 1980s teen fashion trends; fast fashion first developed. More specifically, jeans became a common item of clothing for young people because of their adaptability and durability.

High-waisted jeans and casual clothing gained popularity, which was advantageous for various manufacturers. Both teenagers and adults still enjoy many of the brands. Tiny skirts paired with tights would also fashionable in the 1980s. Loud patterns and colors were another decade-long trends in fashion.

  • 1980S Hair

The 1980s were all about volume in terms of hairstyles. Simple waves, big curl loops, and frizzy styles were particularly popular among women. Males began sporting more daring and odd hairdos. It includes mohawks, mullets, and even clean-shaven heads as a result of the punk movement. Another popular hairstyle in the 1980s was hair dye; and lots of individuals colored their hair bright shades of blue, green, pink, or blonde!

Big hair was in style during its height in the 1980s. There were many different styles and haircuts, but the bigger, the better. Women teased their hair and used a lot of amounts of hair spray. They added scrunchies and other accessories to create side up-dos and make a distinctive fashion statement. Women frequently incorporated multiple styling techniques onto one hairstyle. You may have seen a woman with the other half of her hair lifted and curled. And the other half of her hair was braided.

  • Ponytails

You can wear it high, to the side, curled, teased, half pulled up; toward the back of your head, or in any position in between. Ponytails were a common hairstyle that complemented a range of outfits. 

  • Headbands

If you wanted to leave your hair straight or only curl the ends; you could use a big, thick headband to keep it back and away from your face. It was common practice in the 1980s to match your headband to your outfit.

  • Banana Clutcher

You can use a banana clip to pull your hair back after brushing and volumizing it. The two halves of the banana-shaped hairpiece could be separated. Essentially, you folded it over your hair and secured it with a clip.


Another feature that distinguished the 1980s was their use of plastic accessories. Numerous people wore jewelry in vibrant or pastel colors, including bangles, jelly bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Wearing four bangles on one hand and a single black necklace on the other would emphasize the importance of contrasting trends. Everywhere at the time, people liked wearing huge, hanging earrings.


In the 1980s, a lot of people believed that wearing a lot of cosmetics was advantageous. But today, we would perceive things very differently. People were supposed to be so stunned by 1980s cosmetics that they were forced to look intently at your face. A face made a statement with its extreme makeup. Blues, pinks, and purples are among the gorgeous, vibrant colors that dominate the 1980s beauty style.

  • Radiant Eyeshadow

In the 1980s, wearing cosmetics in every color denoted being stylish. Layering blues, purples, pinks, and greens on your lids can enhance your outfit or serve as a bold statement. You covered the lid and upper part of the eye entirely. Back then, you weren’t going for natural.

  • Pink lips and lids that match

We see a lot more natural makeup these days. The general aspect of the face is somewhat bland due to the lack of numerous pronounced accents. In the 1980s, women typically used pink eyeshadow with bold pink lips. The look could be enhanced by using a bold black liner above the lashes. The lower part of the eye was lined as well.

  • Sparkling Tone

Bright colors and colors that have glitter or sparkle incorporated into them can both be used for makeup. In the summer, bronze tones that gave the skin a healthy glow were ideal.

Impartial lips

The lips were often kept quite pale and uncolored after putting all of the makeup on the face. The goal was to get the lip as close to your skin tone as feasible. The appearance was finalized with a hint of gloss.

  • Fashion Culture of Black

Black culture fashion was hugely popular in the 1980s. Strong fashion statements, great hairstyles, and extraordinary fashion sense were the most talked-about fashion trends.

This 1980s fashion trend also included tennis shoes, colorful prints, gold chains, long- coats, neon-framed sunglasses, and bamboo earrings; with influences from the bright black culture. The legendary collection from this fashion era has the potential to affect many generations.

  • Style in Neon

We couldn’t discuss 1980s trends without talking about neon fashion. The highlight, bright pink, and electric purple ultra-light neon clothes were admired by many at the time. People would don comparable shoes, headgear, and eyewear to complete their outfits.

Fashion with neon highlights was considered to be bold, distinctive, and stylish. The tones may have changed, but this fashion is still in demand today.

  • Using a turtleneck

Like sweaters and woolen shirts, turtle necks are well-known for being cozy and protective in winter clothing. However, fashionistas have come up with new ways to wear turtlenecks over time.

Throughout the 1980s fashion trends, the item wasn’t all that popular. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that it started to be seen as a symbol of sophisticated, educated ladies. It is frequently offered in stores as a layering garment under sweaters and combined with a pair of mom jeans.

It now has bright, eye-catching accessories, which enhances its grace and power as a fashion statement.

  • Rolled-up pants

Pleated pants were preferred for thin fittings in the 1980s. They were classified as being firmly out of date and a little “extra.” After declining in the 1980s and 1990s; fashion made a comeback in 2022 when “the bigger the better” and the plus-size trend gained hold.

A button-down shirt, polo, or simple t-shirt looks great with pleated pants on the majority of teenagers. However, men’s pleated pants are still in trend today. And the right body types could find the pants appealing when they are properly tailored and fitted.

Overall, the bold and flexible fashion of the 1980s and 1990s. Fashion designers and firms may use this era as inspiration for future collections.

Question Answer Guide to 80s Fashion:

The description “big and dazzling” accurately describes 1980s fashion. Acid wash jeans, shoulder pads, huge, dramatic earrings, sight fabric colors and patterns, and big hair were all popular during this decade. Materialistic attitudes and displays of wealth in fashion increased in the 1980s. To dress appropriately, extra money had to be spent on designer labels and sporting apparel with a brand logo. Teenagers surely had a part, but they weren’t the only ones making fashion decisions for the first time.

In comparison to other decades, the 1980s saw the most fashion icons emerge. Although it’s hard to imagine now, the 1980s were a time before the internet and mobile phones. There were not many TV channels, and renting a movie was a luxury. Publications and advertising were the normal person’s primary sources of fashion information after television. A small number of bands, performers, and clothing firms of the 1980s; were able to have a significant influence on fashion because of their limited visibility.

What was in style throughout the 1980s?

In the 1980s, men’s Oxford shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, corduroy, frequent khaki pants, and suspenders were among the most widely worn types of clothing. The sexiest styles for women were high-waisted mom jeans, leg warmers, torn denim, spandex, acid wash jeans, statement-shoulder business suits (frequently with skirts), punk leather goods, and leotards.

What accessories were fashionable in the 1980s?

A major component of 1980s fashion was accessories. The most popular trends included scrunchies, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, plastic bangles, large, unusual earrings in neon colors, mesh accents, fanny packs, and pearl necklaces.

What changes in fashion occurred in the 1980s?

The stylish sportswear and the laid-back “New Romantics” aesthetic set the tone for the 1980s. These are remembered for their “power clothing.” As a result of their fixation with fitness, women are often seen exercising in stylish gym clothes; continuing the sportswear trend that began in the late 1970s.

Bottom Line

After reading about all of the key 1980s fashion trends; we hope you are well-equipped to choose what to wear to your upcoming 80s-themed event. It is quite simple to put together the perfect look with numerous clothing items. The classic look featured mixing and combining other items to create something rather informal. However, matching pieces were occasionally worn.

The 1980s are still distinctly showing up on runways and red carpets in terms of modern fashion. Some people take pleasure in organizing costume parties to showcase their favorite 1980s looks. With puffy shoulders, colorful, and over-the-top makeup, you may effortlessly embrace 80s fashion right now.

The 1980s fashion era is best characterized as “large,” “bright,” and “loud.” It is due to its eye-straining colors and patterns, power suits, shoulder pads, statement earrings, and acid-wash jeans.

If you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about 80s fashion, please forward this article to them. If you’ve put together a great experience outfit, tell us about it in the comments.

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