Ladies’ Guide 101: Beauty Preps Before a Dinner Date

Ladies’ Guide 101: Beauty Preps Before a Dinner Date

You must be tickled pink just thinking about your upcoming dinner date. But before you start imagining how your romantic rendezvous can lead to your “happily ever after,” have you checked if you’re all prepped and ready for that evening?

Book yourself a day to get all pampered with beauty salon special services, line up your beauty regimen, and make sure you’re all aglow for that ever-important date night.

Primed and Prepared

Date night can be an exhilarating experience. Most are thrilled to spend such a romantic evening with their special someone. Others, especially those going on their first date, can have a case of jitters.

Whether you’re raring to go or a bundle of nerves, you must prepare well for your dinner date. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’ll share a meal with your long-time crush or if you are already celebrating your third year with your boyfriend. What is important is that you spend time and effort to make yourself presentable.

Primping for a date is not done just to please the other person. It is, first and foremost, a way to show care and respect for yourself. How you treat yourself can also reflect on how you treat others around you. Making yourself look good can also be a way to feel good. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to exude confidence and a positive vibe.

As you or your date make fine dining reservations or make plans for a decidedly fun evening, see to it that you also pencil in some beauty appointments. Here are some beauty preparations that you can do:

1. Fix Up a Facial

Face your date with healthy and glowing skin. To make sure you are at your most presentable, book an appointment for a facial. Do this at least a week before the dinner date. That will be enough time for the residual redness or blotchiness to fade.

If you’re not sure about what kind of facial you want to get, reputable salons offer free consultation or face mapping services. Take advantage of this offer to determine your skin needs and schedule the appropriate treatment or procedure accordingly.

Popular facial services include age-defying, calming, purifying, or whitening treatments. There are also facials specifically designed to get rid of blackheads or treat acne.

2. Prettify Your Peepers

Flutter your lashes with confidence. With a selection of lash-enhancing services, you can sport lush lashes that can hypnotize anyone.

You can choose lash extensions that will give your natural lashes style and volume in a flash. If you’re not much of a lash extension fan, you can also opt for a natural lash treatment that will give you the length, volume, and lift that you want for your eyelashes. Whichever of the two you go for, they will surely make your eyes more mesmerizing.

Other services that you can get are brow and lash tinting. Tinted brows will look more defined while darkened lashes make your eyes look brighter.

If you’re the type to obsess about your beautifully sculpted brows, go for the high definition (HD) brow service. This revolutionary technique will ensure that HD brow specialists perfectly structure your brows. On top of shaping and tidying your eyebrows, this seven-step process includes micro waxing, threading, tinting, and using specialized products.

3. Treat Your Tresses

Get that hair flip down pat with your luscious locks. Show your date who’s queen by having your crowning glory tamed and treated by professional hair care specialists.

When you visit your favorite salon, make sure to ask for the best hair treatment for your type of tresses. You can go for hydrating and moisturizing, deep repair, or bond enhancing treatments. Specially accredited salons even offer specific techniques for styling and treating curly hair.

Aside from the usual cut, blow-dry, and style services, established hair salons have skilled hair specialists who can turn your hair from drab to fab. It’s up to you whether you want to have your mane braided, curled, or magically transformed to look like a mermaid’s hair.

If you want to go beyond styling or change your look, why not try hair extensions? It gives you the freedom to do a hair makeover without having to wait for months to grow it or committing to a very short bob.

4. Nourish Your Nails

Excited to hold hands? Magic is at your fingertips when you have your nails cleaned, treated, and spruced up. Besides a manicure and pedicure, you can also choose to have a relaxing hand and foot massage, paraffin wax treatment, or a callus scrub.

For fancier nails, there are just too many options to choose from. There are signature manis and pedis that include fantastic experiences that you’d dig into. From unicorn-inspired manicures to thoroughly relaxing lavender combos, you can bask in cozy splendor for hours.

Then there is the use of gels and acrylics that give you longer lasting nails. Lastly, you can choose to dial up the fab factor with nail art. It gives you the option to use appliques, nail candy, nail studs, or even Swarovski crystals.

5. Soothe Your Soul

Wipe the worries away with a soothing massage. Prepare your body for a relaxing evening by booking any of the wonderful massage services offered at your favorite beauty salon.

There are several massage services to choose from. Depending on your budget, mood, or requirements, you can choose from a deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, or the salon’s signature massage. Those who are in a rush would want a quick yet rejuvenating back or head massage. 

A massage will do wonders not only for your body but also for your mind, heart, and spirit. It will help calm the butterflies in your stomach, provide you with focused calm, and endow you with revitalized energy.

One Dazzling Date, Coming Up

Being prepared is a necessity in the art of war. The same should also hold for the art of romance. When you want the evening to be as amazing as possible, start with beautifully manicured feet. Get your beauty regimen in place and strut straight into the dinner date of your dreams.

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