Make Up Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in the Ministry of Glamour’s makeup write for us!

Ministry of Glamour is a terrific online platform where you can interact with the audience on a deeper level by sharing information and your original ideas. We at the Ministry of Glamour offer writers and bloggers an excellent opportunity to promote their work. You may encourage and inspire others all around the world who find it difficult to get some makeup inspiration through your guest post. Thus, if you believe yourself to be knowledgeable about makeup, seize the chance. To produce successful guest posts in this, bloggers and writers need to be experts in the field of makeup.

By adhering to the basic guidelines for submitting a guest post, you can send us your work with ease. 

Who Can Submit A Guest Post On The Ministry of Glamour?

Writers from all over the world are welcome, whether they are newbies or experienced. All you need to do is create material that the readers will find interesting, helpful, inspiring, motivating, and engaging.

Submission Guideline

We do accept guest blogs, but we are picky about them. If you don’t follow the submission guidelines, your article will be rejected. The following are the submission guidelines:

  • The article should be at least 1000 words long.
  • The title must be informative and meaningful.
  • The guest post needs to be well-written in English.
  • The guest post’s topic must be makeup-related.
  • Remember that the content should be sent through email as a Word or Google Doc.
  • Use bullet points, subheadings, and short paragraphs in order to make the article easier to read.
  • Make sure to include high-quality images. All photos must be free to use and pertinent to the topic of your guest post. 
  • After we have published your content on our website, you will not submit it to or publish it elsewhere.
  • Before posting an article to our website, make certain that it is grammatically accurate and has been checked for plagiarism. Only content that is unique and properly written will be considered.
  • Posts that are promotional in nature are not taken into consideration.
  • Every post gets reviewed and approved before going live. We have the right to edit, reject, or remove any post that we deem irrelevant or unhelpful.
  • Include the author’s bio and a link to your website at the end of the piece.

How To Submit Your Piece With the Ministry Of Glamour?

Submit your makeup guest post to us at [] with the subject line “Guest Posts at Ministry of Glamour”, “Regarding Guest Post Submission” or “Makeup write for us”. 

You can send an email to the above email address with any queries you may have about guest posts.