Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making
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Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making


Honestly speaking, the beauty world is currently obsessed with skincare. It can be both a good and a bad thing. Skincare is obviously too important to ignore. After all, your skin is the largest organ of your body. 

It is your responsibility to take care of that and protect it. By saying taking care, we are not only meaning to look pore-less or ageless; it is all about staying healthy and having healthy skin. That is why skincare has become so popular and also a billion-dollar industry. 

This also can be a negative thing as there is a lot of influx of advice and tips from almost anyone and everyone. The world is full of skin experts. Whenever you talk about a skin issue in front of someone, suddenly the person becomes an expert and starts to advise you. 

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Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making

You always need to understand that although we all are human beings, still our skin is different, and so are their needs. You and your best friend both might have acne on your skin. But that does not mean both will use the same product. 

If your friend got amazing results by using a product or following a particular skincare routine, it might not work for you as you both have different types of skin. This is where most of the mistakes start. 

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Here, in this article, we will talk about some of the most common skincare mistakes you might be making right now. 

Mistake 1: Not Applying Product Or Moisturizer Quickly Enough After Cleansing

In case you are not applying moisturizer or any product within 1 minute after cleansing your face, you are making a huge mistake. Your skin can become dehydrated quickly after you have cleaned it. 

That is why it is imperative to apply moisturizer immediately after you have cleansed your face and when it is still damp. 

Mistake 2: Washing Your Face With Bar Soap

The skin of your face is obviously different from the rest of your body. So, drop that idea of using a bar soap that you are using for your body on your face; you must opt for a proper and good cleanser for your face. 

Mistake 3: Rubbing Products Into Your Skin

There is a misconception that in order to see the effects of a particular skincare product, you must rub it in there. However, in reality, rubbing can irritate your skin. That is why you should go gentle and lightly stroke upwards when you are applying products to your neck and face. 

Mistake 4: Not Removing Eye Makeup Separately

Whenever you are removing makeup, there is a high chance that you will take the makeup remover in a cotton pad or towel and then rub off all the makeup. Or, you simply can wash your face with a makeup cleanser. 

Here, you need to pay a little more extra attention to the eye makeup separately from the rest of the face. Eye Makeups are always harder to remove and also needs more gentle attention. 

Mistake 5: Not Double Cleansing

You might have heard about double cleansing, or you are hearing it for the first time. Double cleansing is a particular method of cleansing when you first use a cleansing balm, oil, or Micellar water for removing your makeup and then use a water-based cleanser. 

Although this process might sound high maintenance, this is the best way to get away with all the makeup, dirt, grime, sweat, oil, and bacteria from your skin. 

Mistake 6: Over Exfoliating

It does not matter what skin-care routine you are following; exfoliating will always be a crucial part of it. It helps to remove dead skin cells and make your skin a lot healthier. It is really unfortunate how a lot of people take it too far.  

You should go scrubbing a maximum of thrice a week, and when doing it, it is necessary to be extra gentle and gently move your finger in a circular motion. 

Take Care Of Your Skin!

In case you are making all these or at least any of these mistakes, you must step out from them. The proper skincare routine must-have cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Even if you have oily skin, your skin needs to be hydrated, and a gel-based moisturizer will be the perfect shot for you. 

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