Unveiling the Allure: The Timeless Trend of Septum Piercing

Septum piercing has sculpted out a distinct and long- continuing niche in the field of body revision and tone- expression. This bold kind of decoration, which has a long history gauging numerous societies and ages, has evolved into further than just a statement of style; it now serves as a representation of independence and authority. Join us as we explore the history, artistic significance, magnet, and proper conservation of this classic face decoration as we claw into the fascinating world of septum piercing. 

What is Septum Piercing?

What is Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is a type of body revision where a small hole is created through the thin wall of towel( septum) that separates the nostrils in the nose. This piercing is generally deposited in the lower part of the septum and can be adorned with colourful types of jewellery, similar as rings or indirect barbells. The practice of septum piercing dates back to ancient societies, with different meanings and significance across colourful societies. 

In ultramodern times, it has become a popular form of tone- expression and fashion. The piercing process involves a sterilised needle or other piercing instrument, and the mending period can vary from many weeks to many months. Septum piercings can be fluently hidden or displayed depending on the jewellery chosen and are reversible, allowing the piercing to close up if asked . 

Its Historical Tapestry

Its Historical Tapestry

The roots of septum piercing extend deep into history, weaving together a rich shade of artistic significance. From ancient societies to indigenous lines, this form of piercing has been a symbol of tradition, church, and indeed social status. For example, the Mesoamerican Olmec and Maya societies viewed septum piercings as a connection to the godly realm, frequently adorned with precious monuments and intricate designs. Also, colourful lines in Africa and Asia have used septum piercings as labels of belonging, signifying solemnities of passage or connubial status. 

What is the cost of piercing ? 

What is the cost of piercing ?

A septum piercing can range in price significantly based on the location of the piercing studio, the skill of the piercer, the calibre of the jewellery used, and the area or nation you are in. The cost of the piercing itself might range in general from $30 to $100 USD or more. This price frequently covers both the initial jewellery and the expert piercer’s services.

However, while selecting a piercing studio, it’s crucial to put safety and cleanliness ahead of cost. To lower the danger of infection or problems, look for a reputable, spotless piercing studio with skilled piercers who adhere to rigorous sterilising measures. Remember that while money is important, your health and wellbeing should come first.

Modern Resurgence

Modern Resurgence

Although septum piercing has been practised for centuries, it came back into fashion in the 20th century, especially during the punk and alternative subculture movements. Today, celebrities, influencers, and regular people all sport septum piercings, which have established themselves as a widespread fashion statement. Septum piercings are attractive because they may simultaneously emanate edginess and elegance, giving them a flexible option for anyone looking to express their individual style.

How much septum piercing pain ? 

Individual differences might be found in the discomfort and healing time after a septum piercing. Here are some general details:

  1. Each person experiences pain differently. While some people only feel a slight discomfort during and after getting their body pierced, others may find it to be rather unpleasant.
  1. People frequently compare the actual piercing feeling as a sudden squeeze or pressure. Some individuals liken it to sneezing.
  1. Following the first piercing, you can feel some stiffness, sensitivity, and a sensation resembling a bruise in the area. Usually, this soreness goes away within a few days to a week.
  1. Painkillers sold over-the-counter can assist with any discomfort, but aspirin should be avoided since it might thin the blood and possibly lead to further bleeding.

Remember that everyone’s pain tolerance and healing process are unique. If you have concerns about pain or healing, it’s best to consult with a professional piercer. They can provide personalised advice based on your situation and help ensure a smooth healing journey.

How to heal septum piercing ? 

Healing Process

  1. The recovery process might take a few weeks to a few months. After the first several weeks, it’s typical for the initial swelling and discomfort to lessen.
  2. It’s crucial to keep the area tidy and adhere to your piercer’s aftercare recommendations while it heals.
  3.  Refrain from turning the jewellery excessively or handling the piercing with unclean hands, as these actions might introduce bacteria and impede the healing process.
  4. When sanitising the area, exercise caution. Use a cleaning solution that is non-alcoholic and fragrance-free or the saline solution your piercer suggests.
  5. Some crust or discharge forming around the piercing as it heals is typical.

How to care for septum piercing ? 

How to care for septum piercing ? 

Caring for a septum piercing properly is essential to ensure a smooth healing process and minimise the risk of infection or complications. Here’s a general guideline for caring for your septum piercing:

1. Comply with Aftercare Recommendations: Your Piercer will provide you detailed aftercare recommendations. To encourage healing and avoid infection, strictly adhere to these directions.

2. Keep it Clean: Use a non-alcoholic, fragrance-free piercing solution or the saline solution that your piercer suggests to clean the piercing site. Use a cotton swab or a fresh piece of gauze to gently wipe the area twice each day. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and abrasive soaps should not be used since they might irritate the piercing.

3. Wash Your Hands well: To avoid introducing bacteria to the region, wash your hands well before handling or cleaning your piercing.

4. Try not to Touch: Don’t touch the piercing needlessly. If the jewellery has to be adjusted, do so with clean hands and take care not to over-rotate it.

5. Be Gentle: Don’t be overly forceful when cleaning. Remove any crust or debris that develops at the piercing site with care.

6. Prevent Irritants: Refrain from using hairspray, cosmetics, or other items around the piercing. These could spread bacteria and irritants.

7. Avoid Swimming: To reduce exposure to germs during the early healing phase, avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, and natural bodies of water.

8. Watch for Infection indicators: Look out for infection indicators including increased redness, swelling, lingering discomfort, odd discharge, or a fever. Consult your piercer or a doctor if you experience any of these signs.

9. Select the Right Jewellery: Choose hypoallergenic, high-quality jewellery made of surgical steel, titanium, or niobium. Avoid wearing jewellery that is of poor quality or is inexpensive and might irritate.

10. Avoid Changing Jewellery Too Soon: Wait until the piercing has fully healed, which might take a few weeks to a few months, before changing the jewellery. A premature jewellery change might impede the healing process.

11. Have patience; recovery durations might differ. Be patient and give your body the space and time it requires to repair itself.

Never hesitate to contact your piercer if you have any worries or queries regarding maintaining your septum piercing. They can offer tailored advice depending on your circumstances.

Navigating the Experience

Without a question, the appeal of septum piercings goes beyond aesthetics—it’s an arduous voyage of introspection. It’s critical to comprehend the procedure and follow-up if you’re thinking of making the leap. To guarantee a secure and comfortable experience, it is essential to find a qualified and recognised piercer. Careful aftercare procedures, such washing with saline solution, will accelerate healing and lower the chance of infection.


A long-standing custom with deep cultural significance, septum piercing has made a triumphant comeback as a popular method of individual expression in the current day. Its perfect blending of traditional and modern aesthetics is proof of the attraction of personal decoration throughout time. 

Septum piercing is still an intriguing option that honours both our history and present, whether you are drawn to it by its historical relevance, its edgy elegance, or the chance to express your personality.

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