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Are you about to make a purchase that you probably might regret in the future? Don’t worry; we have all found ourselves in a similar scenario. There is nothing more delightful than getting your hands on a trendy piece of clothing. But it is equally disheartening to see the once-trendy item lie in your closet, serving no purpose anymore. To avoid this from happening too often, take a little advice from a fellow woman. Purchase items that can be styled in different ways and repeated on different occasions. But what item? Let us look at the list of must-haves for every woman. 

A White Button-Down Shirt 

The versatility of a crisp white button-down makes it a valuable item for your closet. Wear it to a brunch with statement jewelry and blue jeans or to an office meeting with formal pants ; you will be serving looks! Buying an expensive good quality white shirt is no less than an investment. It will serve you for a good amount of time.

A Neutral-Colored Blazer 

Blazers automatically make you look and feel like a girl boss, and that feeling is unmatched. A tailored and well-fitted blouse can be styled in so many different ways. A belt on the waist can make you look edgier, while an office shirt underneath will be perfect for a formal touch.

A Comfortable Pair of Jeans 

Jeans are the perfect choice for numerous occasions, be it a hangout with your friends or a day packed with errands. But buying the right fit can be such a struggle. With so many different styles and types, it is challenging to determine what is best. Start with buying straight-leg jeans and then gradually experiment with other types like skinny jeans if you are skinny, or go for women’s plus size jeans if you are bulky. 

Neutral Colored T-shirts 

You will find yourself reaching out for this one quite a lot in your wardrobe. Neutral colors compliment almost everything. There are uncountable ways you can style this item. Some can be pairing it with a printed skirt, denim jeans, under a trendy jacket, or just modish sweatpants. Play with some jewelry and add a colorful scarf to personalize your look just the way you want. Neutral colored t-shirt is the most important item a woman should have in her wardrobe. 

White Sneakers 

These will be your friends from summer through winter. The modern wave is to wear them with flowy printed dresses. It is important to have white sneakers in your closet. Not to mention the comfort they bring to multitasking women in a rush is just too good.  You can do all your work without any worry whatsoever. 


Perfect for summers when you put on a breezy dress. Choose the one which compliments most of your dresses. You don’t want to change them for every other dress in your wardrobe. It is bound to make your shoewear decisions easier.

Neutral Colored Heels 

The obsession with neutral colors is real. However, it is not just the obsession; it’s pocket-friendliness and a wise thing to do. Imagine spending a hefty amount on a pink stiletto for that single dress you own. A waste, I would say. Instead, save up to buy a black or beige heel from a high-end brand. If treated with care, these will be a staple in your closet for years.

A Pair of Timeless Sunglasses 

We have seen several sunglasses trends come and go over the years; however, shapes like wayfarer, round, pilot, and aviator have been in fashion for years. Buying a pair that suits your face will save you from the hassle of changing them every now and then. Carry this accessory around with zero effort. 

A Variety of Jewelry 

Accessories are an important factor that can make or break your outfit. Start by slowly building a collection. Smaller pieces to big statement bling, you should have all that exists. Tinted and chunky jewelry compliments subtle plain outfits, while the smaller items can be worn to elevate a bold and elegant look. 

Denim Jacket 

It will make you look instantly cooler. Instagram models have been all about pairing light-washed denim with informal flowy floral dresses and even bold bodycon ones. 

The hype for printed denim is real too. But jumping on this bandwagon can be a little risky. The print you choose might limit the use of the jacket. Nothing is worse than a clashing print. 

Long Trench Coat 

Spend your winters with a modern touch with this staple item. Not only is it necessary to fight the cold, but it is also a great piece to elevate your look. But since these take a spot higher in the price scale, a wiser decision would be to play safe with neutral tones. 

Final Thoughts 

Building the perfect wardrobe is a lifelong process. The entire game revolves around reusing items in creative ways. Following blogs and models will give you a deeper insight on how to shop smartly for your must-haves. Staying in neutral tones for expensive items and making a one-time purchase by getting your hands on versatile pieces are two things to keep in mind. Make pocket-friendly decisions. It is important to note that beauty lies in comfort and confidence. You can add a charm to your look with a dash of confidence and a sprinkle of guidance. Make sure not to get too swept away by crazy current trends. Try a few without spending too much. 

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