Five Essential Quick-fix Winter Solutions

Five Essential Quick-fix Winter Solutions

Beautiful, fleeting winter! How we love its gifts, its crisp weather, rosy cheeks and sun spangled days…just can’t get enough of it. But let’s face it, winter brings a whole host of new complications too–how can I eat that extra slice of mince pie and still not have it show through my ‘second-skin’ rib sweater the next day? How do I keep my lips kissably-soft through the dry harshness of the cold? How can I fix a heartwarming low-cal cuppa without too much fuss…and so much more. Here’s help, people, so sit back and enjoy!!

Problem: I want that cake now!

Fashnpolis: Go with a skinny slice of the Christmas pie or cake, don’t deny yourself this seasonal treat, after all it only comes once a year. Follow up smartly by making the next meal a low carb high-fiber one, say, a large salad with crisp leafy greens and lots of crunch, and a mug of clear green tea for a great light detox feeling.

Problem: muffin-top on my jeans!

FashnpolisWear low-waist, well fitting jeans that have a little give at the waist for your tops to sit well over them. While trying on jeans, sit on a chair and ensure that not only do they look good standing up, but you can sit easy in them and not strangle your stomach. Resist the urge to wear that overly fitted pair and you’ll be thanking yourself many times over–hey, a girl’s got to sit too!

Problem: muffin-top on my jeans!

Problem: too much coffee!

too much coffee!

FashnpolisSubstitute endless teas and coffees with instant soup on the go, add a Maggi or Knorr stock cube to a cup of boiling water, throw in a few diced veggies like mushrooms, cabbage and carrots and you have a hot cuppa that gives you strength, health as well as taste! Can’t beat that for a heart-warmer, can you? If you’re unable to do the vegetables just go with the clear soup, it’s still a welcome change from the non-stop coffee-tea chain!

Problem: rough hands, chapped lips!

rough hands, chapped lips!

Fashnpolis: resist the urge to wash with overly hot water, go lukewarm and see the difference in just one day! Hot water strips skin of essential oils and moisture, so do remember to moisturize after extended exposure to water. Handle chapped lips smartly by glossing on a sheer coat of chapstick or any good lip salve at night, and also under your lipstick for invisible but very real protection round-the-clock!

Problem: skin that refuses to glow!

skin that refuses to glow!

FashnpolisCold weather often dulls the skin andmakes it look dry, help it along its path to dewy gorgeousness by hydrating yourself with eight essential glasses of water every day, as well as a handful of almonds to nourish and radiate glow from the inside! An added plus, the magic kernels make for bright and sparkling eyes too! Once a week, make a skin pack of half a mashed banana and a tablespoon of honey, spread on your face and neck and let dry for 20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water and shine the winter blues away!

Lipsync this Winter!!!!

Lipsync this Winter!!!!

Winter knocks and we love it! Chilly winds and snuggly evenings, warm eggnogs, cuddly sweaters and any excuse to get closer! Who can say no to so much cool stuff , the winter’s anyway so short that you blink and you miss it. But with the goodies it also brings some unwanted gifts, dry skin and hair, and horror of horrors–chapped lips! But no worries beautiful ladies–help is at 99hand! Keep your lips in smacking fine fettle this winter, it’s simple when we tell you how:

  • Glide on a very thin layer of Vaseline or chapstick at night after removing make-up–this locks in the moisture through those precious 8 hours of sleep and preps up your lips to look fresh and dewy for the next day
  • Use glossy lip colours as opposed to matte products to ensure that your pouters get maximum gloss and glam this season, matte lipsticks are often drying and give off a parched look unsuitable for the arid weather. Go moist and exude the look of the season–glamorous, rich and inviting!
  • Grandma’s remedies are often the way to go for every girl’s beauty queries, try the time-tested healer for chapped lips, a fingertip of fresh cream applied after a bath works wonders that a thousand ointments can never do…try it and smile.
  • Leave off the lipstick for one day in a week and go au naturel, just a hint of gloss gives you the cover you need and also the break from product that your lips crave. You’ll see the results right away, start this week!

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