How To Treat Dark Buttocks In A Week
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How To Treat Dark Buttocks In A Week

A common skin problem that can occur in persons of all ages is dark buttocks. Dark buttocks can make you feel embarrassed. Dark patches on the buttocks can occur for a variety of causes, including not cleaning the area every day, wearing tight clothes, sweating, and hormone imbalance. We really have to be extra careful while taking care of it as the skin around our public or private areas since it is so soft and sensitive. 

If you also face the problem of having dark buttocks then there is no need to be worried, though, as it may be quite natural and is simple to treat. Here are some tips you may use at home to get rid of dark buttocks quickly and effectively in a week.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation On The Buttocks?

It is essential to understand the root cause of your hyperpigmentation. The most common causes are listed below.

Tight Clothing

Tight Clothing

It is one of the most prevalent causes of hyperpigmentation on the buttocks. This is a result of our buttocks being in close touch with our tight clothing like underwear and pants all the time. Also, numerous people are unaware that wearing tight clothing ruins the texture of our skin. When wearing tight clothing, sweat and bacteria become trapped in the skin, causing inflammation and acne-causing red bumps. As a result, you should always change into new clothes as soon as you get home and replace your underwear with cotton.

Poor Hygiene 

We always neglect to keep our back area clean and never consider it to be important. Hyperpigmentation is the result of the accumulation and deposit of dead skin and grease, which is increased as a result. When you shower, make sure to wash your buttocks properly. 

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Buttocks-

The home remedies listed below are simple to find in your kitchen and can help you get rid of dark buttocks. Before trying any of these home remedies, don’t forget to perform a patch test.



Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Due to its bleaching ability, the skin is evened out and dark spots are eliminated. Turmeric, which is relatively simple to find in the kitchen, will speed up the procedure of lightening the skin on the thighs and buttocks.

How To Use:

  • Take 2 to 3 tbsp. turmeric and prepare a paste of it with the help of yogurt.
  • On your thighs and buttocks, apply this turmeric paste.
  • Allow it to dry naturally.
  • Then, use cold water to rinse the paste.

Lemon Juice-

Lemon Juice

When it comes to skin lightening, raw lemon is quite effective. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are abundant in it. Citric acid, which is present in lemons, helps to keep skin healthy while also making it whiter. It is rich in vitamin C, which reduces pore size and tones the skin.

How To Use:

  • Take one lemon.
  • On the buttocks and inner thighs, rub it.
  • Then, let the juice dry naturally.
  • Use cold water to rinse the dried juice.

Aloe Vera-

Aloe Vera

One miraculous ingredient that has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties is aloe vera. This makes the skin clear and clean by removing the dead skin cells from it. Aloe Vera also assists in making skin glow, soft, and healthy. It is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, which cure burns, dry skin, and acne. 

How To Use:

  • Take one freshly cut leaf of aloe vera.
  • Take out the gel from it.
  • Apply the gel on your inner thighs and buttocks and then do the Massage.
  • Let the gel dry.
  • Use water to wash it.

Orange Juice And Multani Mitti-

Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It lessens wrinkles and other aging signs while fighting free radicals from the skin. On the other hand, Fullers earth, also known as Multani Mitti, is excellent for lightening the skin. It assists in absorbing oil and other pollutants and effectively cleans the skin. The skin tone and color are enhanced, and any clogged pores are removed. 

How To Use:

  • Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of Multani mitti.
  • Mix some orange juice to it.
  • To make a paste, mix all of the ingredients. 
  • On your inner thighs and buttocks, apply the paste.
  • Once it has dried, wash it off with water.

Potato Juice And Honey Mask-

Potato juice is a natural bleaching agent, it aids in skin brightening and whitening. Age spots, acne, and wrinkles can all be treated and reduced thanks to the antioxidants in potato juice. The honey in the mask keeps the skin moisturized, soft, and smooth.

How To Use:

  • Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of potato juice and 1 tablespoon of honey..
  • Mix the two ingredients.
  • Apply this mixture on your inner thighs and buttocks.
  • Allow it to dry naturally.
  • Use cold water to thoroughly rinse off the mixture.

Orange Peel Powder-

Orange Peel Powder

Vitamin C is abundant in oranges, and it is also useful in removing pigmentation and black spots from their skin. It gives skin that is toned and a clear complexion while also assisting in the removal of aging spots. Acne and hyperpigmentation on the buttocks can be easily treated with this remedy.

How To Use:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of dry orange peel powder.
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey. and 1 teaspoon of milk.
  • Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients.
  • On your thighs and buttocks, apply the mixture. 
  • Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the mixture to dry.
  • With lukewarm water, wash the mixture.

Tomato And Yogurt-

A natural bleaching agent is the tomato. It also improves skin tone while aiding in skin rejuvenation. The tomato reduces skin inflammation, promotes the production of collagen, and aids in the removal of dead skin cells. Yogurt evens out the skin and moisturizes and hydrates it.

How To Use:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, 1 tablespoon of finely oatmeals, ½ tablespoon of yogurt.
  • To make a paste, combine all the ingredients.
  • On your thighs and buttocks, apply the paste.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes.
  • With lukewarm water, remove the mask.

Papaya And Oatmeal-

This papaya and oatmeal scrub aids in giving the skin a smoother, softer, more supple appearance. The papaya’s enzymes assist in removing acne and dark circles as well as moisturizing the skin. It helps to remove the tan and postpone aging.

How To Use:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of papaya pulp.
  • 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • Coconut oil.
  • And two tablespoons of oatmeal powder.
  • Make a paste by combining the ingredients listed above.
  • Put paste on the skin that has become darker.
  • After massaging for five minutes, leave the paste on for 15 minutes.
  • Use warm water to rinse the scrub.

Cucumber, Sandalwood And Organic Honey-

It is well known that cucumber and sandalwood powder can lighten skin. The skin tone is evened out and dark spots are treated by it. In addition to soothing irritation, cucumber also works to delay premature aging.

How To Use:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice. 
  • 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder.
  • 1 teaspoon honey.
  • 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil.
  • Create a paste by combining the ingredients above.
  • On the affected area, apply the paste.
  • Wait 15 minutes for it to dry.
  • Take warm water to rinse it off.

Cocoa Butter-

Cocoa Butter

When it comes to hydrating and moisturizing the skin, cocoa butter is the ideal ingredient. Additionally to improving the texture and toning of the butt, it makes the skin soft and supple. The cocoa butter’s fats enhance blood flow, slow down aging, and aid to lock in moisture in the skin.

How To Use:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter. 
  • Incorporate 3 to 4 drops of rosewater and mix it thoroughly..
  • Spend ten minutes massaging the solution into your butt.
  • Allow it to remain for 30 minutes.
  • With warm water, wash the cocoa butter.

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