Most popular shaped bob haircut styles

Most popular shaped bob haircut styles

A bob haircut is the most fashionable hairdo right now. The fact that almost every celebrity is sporting a bob haircut on the red carpet at events; or on the fashion runways in London and Paris indicates that the bob haircut is having a moment. However, you might not have the time or money to purchase hair extensions; like celebrities do if you decide you no longer want a bob haircut. Changing your hair is always nerve-wracking, whether it’s a new cut or color. But it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared and know what you’re getting into. This is especially true for a bob haircut. As the final bob haircut look varies greatly depending on the kind and texture of hair.

Even though there are new hairdo trends every season; the bob haircut remains popular in Hollywood and around the country. The fact that different variations on the style suit practically any facial shape. Hair texture is one of many good reasons why the bob haircut is still fashionable. The bob haircut comes in several fully customized versions, from a blunt, chin-length bob to a textured, bob with bangs. There is a style out there for everyone. Whether you want to change up your existing bob haircut or you were inspired to chop your hair short; after seeing all of your favorite celebrities do it.

Bob Haircut: What Is It?

A bob haircut is a style of short to medium-length hair; with a straight or tilt cut around the neck at or below the jaw. Famous for their flexibility and edgy appearance, bob hairstyles are popular. Women are increasingly sporting this particular hairdo, especially when wearing professional clothing.

In the early eras of western civilization; women who disagreed with established gender conventions and stereotypes sported bob haircuts. Later, the bob haircut gained recognition as a modernist icon on a global scale.

However, did you know that there is a variety of bob haircuts that may be worn by a variety of females?

Let’s look into the bob haircut now.

Every type of Bob Haircut

  • Braided Bob

How Cut

It’s a great idea to switch up your usual braids for the summer with this protective style. Consider adding statement plaits in any color, as Amandla Stenberg did with her ice-blue braids.

Who Should Receive It?

The flexibility of this look’s beauty lies in the fact that you can choose any type of braid.

Advice on Style

To extend the life of your braids, Earnshaw suggests covering them before bed. Pattern Tracee Ellis Ross creates the ideal satin cap to do that.

  • Bob with Bangs

How Cut

All bob styles, particularly those with bangs, will significantly alter a current cut.

Who Should Receive It?

Bangs can also be fashioned to match your face shape and hair texture, just like a bob. To give a textured bob a retro vibe like January Jones; for instance, you could add a soft edge, or for an even stronger impression, you could add severe bangs.

Advice on Style

Cowlicks are a common problem for those with bangs. To assist shape unruly hair in the direction you want, celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend suggests; using a clean mascara wand while blow-drying your bangs.

  • Lob

How Cut

For those who need to go short but not too short, the lob or long bob; as they are often known, is perfect. A long bob, in Redway’s opinion, is anything that touches the area around your neck and shoulders. “I define a short bob as anything chin height and above.”

Who Should Receive It?

As expected, this cut is really popular across the board. Redway asserts that most hair textures respond favorably to it.

  • French Bob

How Cut

“A chin-length bob, which I feel to be exceptionally lovely for angular facial features,” says Redway of one of her favorite hairstyles. It is usually texturized, giving you lots of good activity to see as you style.

Who Should Receive It?

All bobs are adjustable, but this one takes the cake. Redway claims that it may be altered to meet your facial structure. She says that the weight that is still in the haircut might need to be changed. “For rounder face types; keep the weight thick across your face and a solid weight line at the bottom of the haircut. For more defined face shapes, texturize the area around the face. 

  • The asymmetrical Bob

How Cut

An asymmetrical bob cut is a hairstyle where one side of the hair is longer than the other.

The two sides will frequently be inclined downward toward your collarbone on one side and at jaw length on the other. With its early 2000s vibe, this fashion is unquestionably returning.

Who Should Receive It?

Is anyone looking for a strong, flexible cut? There are several ways to style an asymmetrical bob. There are a few options. It includes a modest side part with a bit extra length on one side or excessive lengths on both sides. The stylist advises, “I want to see it curled on one side with more length on the other,” for a fashionable look.

  • Blunt Bob

How Cut

When you think of a bob, this classic variation of the haircut typically comes to mind. The blunt bob is a timeless, extremely straight, and powerful haircut. It generally has no layers and is just one length of hair cut straight.

Who Should Receive It?

Because of the blunt bob’s adaptability, it looks great on a wide range of hair textures. If you have fine hair, a shorter bob can make your hair look fuller. To lighten the weight of thicker or curly hair, the stylist suggests adding more layers.

  • A-Line Bob

How Cut

This particular bob gradually lengthens in the front after becoming shorter in the back. Because Rihanna’s hair was prominently displayed in the “Umbrella” music video, the hairstylist is critical of it. Additionally, in 2022, the A-line bob is still in style. Selena Gomez’s chic version serves as a wonderful illustration.

Who Should Receive It?

Because the angles of this cut are less obvious on curlier textures, it works better on people with smoother hair types.

  • Curly Bob

How Cut

The length of the cut depends on your hair structure and preferences. But a curly bob is all about showcasing your curls and the volume of your hair.

Who Should Receive It?

Anyone with curls can rock a bob, but you’ll need to alter it to meet your hair type. People with thin curls may choose a shorter bob to enhance volume; others with stronger curls may opt to keep it longer. You “might try getting a relatively longer length in the front [and] shorter at the back” to minimize the weight in your hair.

Other Bob Haircuts 

  • Micro Bob

In a micro bob (which is a riskier style); the hair tips terminate just above the chin in the front and at the nape of the neck in the back. When you want to showcase a face’s features, the contour is ideal. Any hair type can use it and style it easily; all you need to do to add volume is add a little mousse to the roots.

  • Shattered Bob

To create this modern style, you must “To give the hair a choppy, textured appearance, “shatter” the ends. Anh Co Tran gave this hairdo some legs, and boy, did it run.” It contains layers on the inside that give it motion and swing. It is your typical bob. However, keep in mind that while creating the style is quite easy, keeping the textured appearance does require some styling.

  • Shaggy Bob Haircut

A razor cut created a sensitive shaggy bob with messy layers. A slightly better version of the classic bob hairstyle is the razor bob. A feminine silhouette that is edgy and sensual is created by the uneven layers. Layers with more texture and shagginess are described in this way.

  • Inverted Lob with platinum highlights

The longest hair on the front is the same length in both an a-line bob and a lob. The only difference between inverted cuts and regular cuts is the positioning of the layers. Due to the thickness at the back of your neck, both you and your hair seem beautiful. For those who like to go all out with their hair, platinum-plat lob haircuts are ideal.

  • Glossy Blonde Lob

The lob haircut can be worn with any hair type, but straight hair seems to look best with it. On straight hair, one can expect that a lob will look more defined and smoother. Furthermore, maintaining a lob on straight hair is much easier than on wavy or curly hair.

Have You Enjoyed Getting a Bob? Five Ways to Maintain Good Looks

  • A bob haircut is a low-maintenance solution for your hair. The examples I’ve provided are strong proof of this.
  • Despite being frightening, conventional for a reason, and available in a wide range of styles; it ends up being my all-time favorite haircut.
  • Wooden combs are the best for all hair types. With the help of a roller, you may curl the edges in towards your chin.
  • This striking hairstyle is quite interesting, in my opinion. You can style it with a bandana or let it be natural. Because this particular haircut doesn’t call for an additional hairstyle; either way, you’ll undoubtedly notice its beauty in each appearance.

The bob haircut is a chic way to update your appearance; whether you are switching from a short, layered cut or a longer style. It comes in a variety of styles, is contemporary, and is readily available. Although they may seem frightening; these bob haircuts have the advantage. Your hairdresser can alter the length and cut to suit your face shape and hair type. They require maintenance and aren’t quite as low maintenance as they seem to be. 

Here are five tips for preserving the attractive appearance of your bob cut:

  • Dust often

Regular “dust” or micro-cuts will maintain your style’s sharp appearance without detracting excessively. When the hair is dusted, the hairdresser will take smaller sections and cut the tips and damaged areas. In comparison to a traditional trim, which normally involves shaving about an inch or; so of hair off your head, brushing is more conservative. This preserves the appearance of your bob, even without any treatment.

  • Style without Heat

Heat styling can damage any type of hairdo. Shorter haircuts call for more maintenance; especially if you plan to grow it out in the future. Fortunately, flat iron styling is not the only option for short hair. For instance, you can use bobby pins to straighten your hair or give the strands a retro wave. You can also bunch up the top of your hair for a brief amount of time. It is to get rid of frizz and give volume to your haircut. Keep the dryer 12 inches away from your hair if you must blow-dry it to avoid damaging it.

  • Think About Your Makeup

A short bob makes it easier to hide behind your hair, which, let’s face it, is something we all occasionally do. Try a different makeup style to fit with your hairstyle because most bobs focus more attention on the face. If you have a French bob, behave as the French do. Put on bare skin and blue-tinted lipstick. If you have a blunt bob; use contrast to highlight the angles of your face by softly dusting bronzer along your jawline.

  • Expect Some Frizz

Unfortunately, frizz is an unavoidable part of life. Freshly cut bobs can become particularly frizzy as your hair adjusts to its sudden weightlessness. But don’t let this prevent you from preserving the hairstyle of your dreams. Utilize hair-controlling tools.

  • Use your fingers to comb

If you have a bob, you can skip brushing it while keeping it detangled. Instead, use your fingertips to comb through your shorter hair. This keeps your hair from bobbling and evenly distributes your natural oils. Furthermore, overbrushing can result in breakage, which is more obvious in short hair. You need to stay away from that at all costs.

The key to extending the enjoyment of your bob haircut is to keep it healthy. By using these five strategies, you can see the benefits of treating your hair carefully.

Things to consider before getting a Bob haircut

  • For a bob, face shape is important

Your face shape is the first thing to consider. A bob can suit any facial shape; the secret is in the line of the cut. In that, it is used to highlight complementary parts and features of the face; contouring in makeup is similar to the line of the bob.

There are three common bob cuts: square, diagonal, and curved, which are suitable for those with prominent jawlines (best for those who want to emphasize their cheekbones). The good news is that you don’t always have to wing it; if your hairstylist has a selection of wigs, go try one on.

  • There is some maintenance required when it comes to Bobs

Cuts require less care than some hair colors that require a lot of it. However, regular trims are essential for bobs. It is recommended to get a trim at least every six weeks; if your bob is asymmetrical, reversed, or has severe angles.

  • For quicker style, consider the texture of your hair

Hair texture is equally important when choosing the style of bob you want and whether to get the haircut at all. Discuss your expectations, such as how much time you want to spend on your hair each day. And also, about your hair texture with your hairstylist during the consultation portion of your appointment. They will need to know the texture of your hair. So that they can specify which cut will work much better for it in terms of maintenance and styling (and if they don’t, make sure to speak up and ask).

Shorter bobs work best with finer textures in general because the shorter the bob, the denser the hair will look. The more folds you produce, the denser it appears, like when you bend a sheet of paper. Since they are easier to manage and require less maintenance and grooming; longer bobs look better on thick hair.

  • Keep your budget in mind before having a bob

Even though haircuts don’t usually require as much upkeep as regular color does, they are nonetheless expensive. It’s suggested to have a haircut every six weeks to keep your bob looking young and your hair healthy. Longer bobs and curly hair can remain fashionable for six to eight weeks. To maintain a nice look; you might want to think about doing it every four to five weeks if you have shorter or finer hair.

  • Consider How Much Bob-Styling You’ll Need to Do

Before determining which type of bob to have; it’s essential to discuss your desired look and your styling advantages. Because unless you’re one of the lucky few whose hair air dries to perfection every single day. Most bobs require some type of styling assistance, whether it is a hot tool or a combo of products.

Use a mixer and squeeze in a product with natural textures and curls. However, every person’s hair and style are different. Blow dry straight bobs with the hair brushed in the front and back for a carefree, loose appearance.

What style of bob haircut should I get?

If you’re going huge for the first time; it’s important to take your texture and hair type into account because this isn’t a low-maintenance style. Consider your natural hair texture while selecting a haircut to ensure durability. As an example, if you have straight hair, a short, blunt haircut can last between washes. Naturally curly and wavy hair looks wonderful when worn with a textured, layered bob. Because it simply draws attention to its inborn texture.

How often should I wash my bob?

However, keep in mind that length is a factor. This is largely dependent on the kind and texture of your hair. Shorter hair frequently becomes oilier more quickly. People with finer to medium hair should take a shower every day. While those with thicker hair should wash it once or twice a week, according to my advice. If you wash your hair more frequently, consider using a moisturizing shampoo.

How can I maintain my sense of style?

If you want your hair to mimic the volume of an airy fling or uneven haircut; but don’t naturally have curls or waves; you’ll need to apply certain methods and chemicals. To keep the look, apply hair products with high hold and humidity resistance. The tools you use for styling and blow-drying will determine how long your style will last. To give your hair life and bounce, use Velcro rollers after curling it. That significantly increases longevity.

Bottom Line

Short to medium-length hair in the bob style. It is styled with a straight or tilt cut around the neck at or below the jaw. Bob’s hairstyles are famous for their adaptability and edgy appearance. This particular hairstyle is becoming more popular among women, especially when they’re dressed professionally. Right present, a bob haircut is the most stylish hairstyle. The bob haircut has repeatedly made a comeback and is timeless. People continue to enjoy it all year long. The greatest feature of bob hairstyles is their adaptability; you may style them to match any season’s trends. This is suitable for all hair types; a straight haircut is not the only instance.

Wear a saree, work clothes, or another outfit with this hairstyle. I’m confident you’ll feel stunning.

Which do you like best? Please let me know in the comments if you manage to pull this off while wearing any Indian clothing!

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