Sleepwear Fashion: 5 Tips For A Chic And Stylish Slumber
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Sleepwear Fashion: 5 Tips For A Chic And Stylish Slumber

The quality of your sleep is often influenced by the level of comfort you’re experiencing. And as such, one of the things that can give you that ultimate comfort is your choice of sleepwear. And whether you’re a fashionista in all aspects of life or not, you can still look stylish and be comfortable while going to bed.

The design trend in sleepwear can be about expressing your taste and showing your personality.  It can also be about serving specific seasons and occasions, from racy sleepwear for honeymoons and intimate evenings with a partner to delicate and feminine outfits for slumber parties with the girls.  

So, if you’re looking for ways to update your sleepwear fashion, here are five simple tips you can use to achieve a chic and stylish slumber.

Sleepwear Fashion
Beautiful woman wearing pajamas and sleep mask on pink background. Bedtime
  1. Add On Some Sleepwear Accessories  

What would sleepwear fashion be without all the add-ons that can layer an entire sleep outfit? Accessories can boost your confidence and make your garment more fashionable. They can be worn with pajamas on lazy days lounging around the house or even at slumber parties and friendship getaways when you still want to look stylish among your friends. 

There are numerous functional and playful accessories you can choose from, such as luxury silk robes,  to dress in if you have a flair for opulent evening attire. Soft cotton slippers may also be a must-have addition to keep your feet in ultimate comfort. 

Aside from those, wearing a sleep mask and cushioned earplugs may also help you get the most out of your sleep. And more so, if you’re concerned with protecting your hair from pillow friction while you sleep, you may get a hair bonnet as a sleep accessory.

  1. Go Oversized With A Graphic Print Night Dress

Oversized nightdresses are perhaps, considered as the modern and more grown-up version of childhood pajama dresses. This style takes its cue from the same oversized t-shirt dress trend of casual streetwear but adapted for slumber. 

Nightdresses with graphic prints most often come in themes. These include designs such as the iconography of popular characters and illustrations, retro-style pop art prints that pay homage to bygone fashion and cultural eras. When opting for this sleepwear, it’s best if the pajama dress ends just above your knees and the sleeves with plenty of arm space to achieve the oversized look.

  1. Layer Your Pajama Camisole With A Shirt 

This sleepwear style was popularized in TV shows where glamourous actresses wore buttonless silk shirts over a pajama camisole. This type of versatile silk shirt can be a wardrobe essential worth noting. You can opt for this style if you prefer keeping your shoulder and chest area covered up. More so, you can wear this style when you plan on staying in your pajamas during the day. 

The choice of shirt style you want to throw over your camisole top is up to you. For example, there are pajama throw-over shirts that mimic a cropped satin blazer or a long silk shirt that falls just below your hips.

  1. Try Out Different Fabrics

One of the best features of sleepwear is the different fabrics they’re made of. For instance, there’s silk, cotton, flannel, wool, fleece, and knitwear textiles. Silk is a popular year-round material because of its hypoallergenic properties, elegant appearance, and smooth texture that can make you feel relaxed for sleep.

Many of these materials can cater to different seasons and occasions to optimize your comfort levels for better sleep. For instance, you can opt for breathable pajamas for summer and thicker wear for winter. Additionally, you could go for lingerie satin pajamas lined with lace and seamless boxer shorts for a sexier honeymoon night.

In addition, you should choose a fabric according to your comfort and taste. You can still wear thinner fabrics in cold weather if you have the right blankets to keep you warm. 

  1. Mix And Match Sets 

Since pajamas are versatile in styles, fabrics, colors, and designs, you can mix and match items to create new sets. This idea means you don’t have to wear the original matching pairs all the time. Get creative and see what you can come up with and become your style inspiration. 

For instance, you can pair your silk and lace shirt with long and thick cotton pants for transitional weather. Or, you can also consider ditching the usual monochrome pajama suit for bright color-blocking shorts and a floaty pajama top. To put together a deconstructed chic sleepwear look, you can wear long pants underneath a slip-dress shirt so that all the material hangs off your body. 


You can pull off sleepwear fashion in just a few easy adjustments to your pajama sets. You may start by testing the texture of fabrics to find the one that best suits you as the basis for building your sleepwear looks. And from there, you can layer style by choosing different colors, lengths, prints, and accessories to complement your choice of fabrics. 

More so, don’t be afraid to experiment with individual sleepwear items so that you can discover a theme that suits you and that makes you comfortable.  

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