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When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Gold Pieces Of Jewelry?

Selling your jewelry can be a great decision, especially when you are doing it at the right time. The cost of gold jewelry has steadily increased in recent years, thereby prompting high demand. Moreover, because it’s a luxury good, the higher its price, the greater the number of people wanting to buy it.

That said, you can get good returns on your jewelry by taking advantage of favorable prices, time, and place. Whether you’re selling your gold pieces to jewelry buyers Newport Beach or other areas, the time factor is crucial. In other words, you should know when is the best time to sell your gold jewelry.

How To Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Before selling your gold jewelry, it’s essential to have specific information about the retail market. Today’s market has experienced radical changes as traditional jewelers compete with online dealers. These alterations have created a possibility of a significant price spread. This is why personal gold jewelry pieces cannot be sold at the same price as the lowest-cost retailer would sell them.

However, finding an eager buyer for your jewelry can make a difference. Such a person will be more willing to pay a reasonable price for it. This may take longer, though, but if you have time to spare, you can make a profitable sale. If you must sell fast, the available options to make a good sale are limited. You may end up lowering your expected price, so you need to be decisive.

Places To Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Deciding where to sell your gold jewelry might bring some confusion. Interestingly, the most visible options may not always be the best. Still, there are reliable places to sell your jewelry, such as online buyers, pawnshops, and local jewelers.

Online buyers are a good option if you seek the highest possible price for your jewelry. Because of low operation costs, they can afford to buy at a lower profit margin for reselling purposes. This translates into a better price for you, the seller. Besides offering the best possible prices, selling jewelry online is more straightforward.

Selling to pawnshops is another easy way to sell jewelry. However, you’ll get a price lower than what online buyers will offer. The reason here is that they have to buy at a lower cost to sell at a reasonable profit margin.

Finally, local jewelry shops guarantee instant payment, so they are a convenient option for sellers who need cash quickly.  

Best Time To Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Although jewelry pieces are wardrobe essentials, it still helps to know the best time to sell them. Selling at the right time will leave you with some good cash at hand. Meanwhile, a wrongly timed deal can bring you some losses. 

Bracelets and necklaces on a show-window jewelry store
Bracelets and necklaces on a show-window jewelry store

Some of the best times to sell your gold jewelry are as follows: 

  1. When You Need Money

Selling your jewelry is a fast way to get some money when you need it. In hard times, jewelry sale is an excellent option to fall back on. Even if the market is not selling at its peak, you’re sure to get some good proceeds from your jewelry. If selling your gold jewelry will help ease some economic hardships, then it’s a good time to put it on sale. 

  1. In Times Of Uncertainty

During economic uncertainties, gold jewelry pieces can act as a safety net because they retain their value despite the tensions. An uncertain economy could create an opportunity for you to make good gains when you sell them at the right time. Such times also lead investors to set their eyes on jewelry, thus increasing its demand and prices. 

  1. When A Lot Of People Are Talking About It

When the value of gold jewelry increases, it becomes a subject of discussion across different channels, especially among people who own them and may want to sell them. So, you should pay attention to conversations either in social gatherings or social media platforms to get clues on the best time to make a sale. 

  1. When Storage And Maintenance Are Expensive

At times, the cost of storing jewelry might get so expensive. As such, this may be the best time to put them on sale. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot to store them. Therefore, it’s better to sell your jewelry pieces and have some cash at hand than spend a fortune to keep them in good shape.


If you desire to make a good profit from your gold jewelry sale, you must ensure your decision aligns with the right timing. Said timing can be attributed to several factors. Selling will be an appropriate decision to make when you’re sure the best time has arrived.

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