Write For Us- Casino and iGaming

Write For Us- Casino and iGaming

Ministry Of Glamour are looking for writers to submit casino and iGaming-related articles to our website. With the large number of visitors we receive, you will have the opportunity to contribute your own work to our site. We are looking for writers with specific expertise for our website. Owing to our substantial audience, we cordially welcome you to join us in our Write for Us. Our brand’s objective is to provide our audience with useful information. You will be able to provide our readers with insightful thoughts, advice, and experiences by contributing as a guest writer.

So, if you are ready to join us, then carefully read our submission guidelines that are given below.

Why Would I Write A Guest Post?

Guest posting is such a crucial tactic for bloggers for a variety of reasons. It broadens the audience you reach by introducing you and your writing to those who may not have known you previously. When you write captivating articles on topics that interest them, people will click on your link and read more of your writing.

Your search engine rating is further enhanced by guest posting because you will obtain a backlink to your website. This is seen as an endorsement of your website by Google and the other search engines. 

Guideline To Submit Content:

  • A minimum of 1000 words should be included in your content, but more is even better. 
  • The piece needs to be unique and original. Posts that have been published on other websites will not be accepted.
  • A blog title shouldn’t be longer than 60 characters, or 10 words. Check that the website hasn’t already written about the topic you chose.
  • The article ought to be well-written in English and of the high-quality.
  • The content should be properly structured into paragraphs with subheadings and headings. The article needs to be interesting and creatively written. 
  • Make certain that your content is free of plagiarism. Before posting a guest post, our editorial team will examine and edit it. As a result, if we discover any plagiarized content, we will remove it immediately.  
  • Images that are relevant, original, licenced, and of good quality should be used.
  • The article made with the intention of marketing or advertising a product or service will not be considered. It shouldn’t be primarily promotional in nature.
  • Include a short author bio, headshot and a website link at the bottom of your article.

How To Submit?

Here’s how to submit your work to us:

You can share your content at [sales @ medhaavi.net] once it’s ready. After reviewing your content, our editorial team may request that you make any necessary changes for our website. Articles that don’t fit into the guidelines may be rejected. In order to enhance the reading experience for readers, we also retain the right to make necessary changes to articles.

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