6 Signs Your Closet Needs a Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and so are blooming flowers, warmer weather and a new season for your wardrobe. Something about the arrival of spring just makes you want to freshen up your closet and tidy up your space. But does your closet actually need a spring cleaning? Here are six telltale signs that it’s time to hit refresh.

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  1. You Still Have Underwear from High School — The number one way to tell if it’s time for a spring cleaning is if there are items lurking in your underwear drawer from your high school days — or worse, you can’t even remember what decade they’re from. If that sounds like you, it’s definitely time for an underwear overhaul.

    Sexy and comfortable panties shouldn’t be an afterthought but rather a foundation for any good wardrobe. If you feel good underneath your clothes, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges that the day may bring you.

    Toss out any old undies that are stretched out, have discoloration or show frayed edges. If you’ve been looking at the same panties in your underwear drawer for the last few years (or decades), it’s time for a revamp.
  1. Your Favorite Tee Is a Different Color Now — It may be difficult at first to tell that your favorite pieces of clothing have faded over the years. Take a look at old pictures of yourself in your favorite tee shirt or outfit. If it used to be a lot brighter or fit tighter, then it’s time to upgrade.

    The dyes and colors of fabric dull naturally with regular wear and washes over time. Use this as an indicator that the garment has lived a full life and may now be ready to be donated or reused at a textile recycling center. This will free you up to find something new to love just as much (or even more!).

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  1. Your Date Night Bra Has Seen a Lot of Dates — Is the lace on your go-to black bra looking a little frayed from years of use? There’s nothing sexy about lace that’s pilling or torn at the edges.

    Start your spring cleaning strong by filling your top drawer with brand new sexy bras that will make you feel confident every time you put one on. We just love the feeling of a fresh, well-fitting lace bra. You can thank us later!
  2. You Haven’t Worn an Item in a Year — Statistics show that although clothing production is at an all time high in recent years, the overall number of times an item gets worn has decreased by 36%. Use your spring cleaning time to analyze the items you have that truly get worn and appreciated.

    A simple way to do this is with the classic hanger trick. Start by turning the hangers backward on every item of clothing in your closet. When you wear an item, switch the hanger back to its normal direction. Next spring, if you still have items hanging on a backward hanger — it’s time to let that piece go.

    By using this method, you can curate a closet full of your most loved items that bring you the most happiness to wear. You’ll have less clutter and more space to focus on the items that you actually use.
  3. Your Specialty Items Are Still Unused — If by now a prince has not invited you to an exclusive black-tie gala event, you may need to face the fact that it’s unlikely to happen. That poofy gown taking up space in your closet’s corner or the funky patterned pair of pants you keep just in case of a last-minute 60s-themed party probably aren’t going to be used.

    We all have items that have been given to us, are left over from Halloween or which came into our possession in any number of indirect ways. They could be taking up more space than you realize. The closet space gained from ditching these items may be worth any inconvenience of not having the specialty piece in the unlikely event you ever need it.

If clothing items for extremely special occasions are adding clutter to your room, this is your sign to donate them to a local thrift shop.

  1. You Can’t Identify That Funky Smell — Last but certainly not least, it may be time for a spring cleaning if you just can’t seem to identify that lingering smell in your room. Old clothes sitting unused can gather dust and, in some cases, even mold.

    It’s probably time to go through all of your items hiding in the back of drawers and on high shelves to decide which to keep and which to donate. While you’re cleaning things out, be sure to wipe dust off of dressers, shelves, floorboards — anywhere that needs it. Give the carpet a thorough vacuuming, as well, to ensure your freshly organized closet has a clean foundation. 

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Springtime is the season to get motivated and give your closet a deep cleaning. If your bras and panties are looking faded or loose, your shirts have lost their brightness or there’s just a strange smell that never seems to leave — it’s time.

Hit refresh with high-quality items that you’ll actually wear and get good use out of. Curate a closet that’s representative of your personality and brings you happiness to put on each day.

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