How Streetwear Changed Modern Day Fashion

How Streetwear Changed Modern Day Fashion 2024

Fashion is constantly changing and does it very quickly. Especially, with the internet allowing us to see other people’s fashion taste. Social media is a great place for picking up other fashion ideas across multiple platforms such as Instagram,  Twitter, Facebook and even TikTok.

Some fashion trends stay a lot longer than others but many just come and go as the years go by. This article is going to discuss the impact that streetwear had on the fashion industry and how it is still going strong. 

How it has dominated the fashion industry 

Once upon a time, streetwear used to be associated with hip-hop and teenagers who did not want to abide by the rules. It had a massive impact on western culture in the early 90s/ 00s and is still very much going strong today. Something extremely popular with African Americans and Latin Americans. 

Now, this style has spread across the sea to England and across the globe to China and Japan. Many luxurious brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton have all got on board the bandwagon with streetwear. The definition that Google gives streetwear certainly undervalues it “casual clothing of a style worn especially by members of various urban youth subcultures”. However, streetwear has become extremely popular for many luxury brands giving it that extra value for all ages to wear. Not to mention the great history it has with other cultures. 

Streetwear was very male-dominated back in the 80s and 90s. From the makers of the style to those that wore it. Now, it is a mixture of both male and female meaning more and more brands want to jump on the bandwagon. This is completely understandable due the to money that it brings in.  

Shawn Stussy, born in California, was one of the first people to initiate this trend throughout America when he created his surfboards and printed t-shirts. Popularity of his surfboards and t-shirts became very popular as he became more of a cult icon. 

Streetwear did not only become popular through surfers but also through the punk rock scene as well. Once artists created their music, they would often create their own printed tees with their band name on as well as other merchandise. ACDC, Pink Floyd and Nirvana are many of the bands that decided to bring out their own printed t-shirts. Something that took over the fashion industry and continues to go strong to this day. 

Photo by Philip Boakye from Pexels

The impact with celebrities

Celebrities have got onboard with streetwear since the 80s and 90s and more and more of them are doing it to this day. Celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and Kanye West are some of the reasons why streetwear is in such popular demand in today’s age. 

Supreme is one streetwear brand that is very much in demand in modern fashion. Supreme became even more popular than it already is when Louis Vuitton released their collaboration collection which was called ‘Louis Vuitton Supreme collection’. Both of these brands can be spotted by many celebrities.  

An opportunity for those who buy and sell

Many people like to make a bit of money on the side these days. Knowing your streetwear/ fashion brands can be a really easy way to make a secondary source of income. You can find vintage streetwear clothing in many second-hand shops which you can sell for more. Depending on if you know your clothing brands.

Not only can you find these brands in shops but you can find them in many vintage stores. Meaning you can find lots of streetwear brands in there as well but they can be more expensive. Many websites allow buyers to get their stock online as well. Both Depop and eBay are great sites to find cheap streetwear clothes. 

Furthermore, streetwear can be great for investors as well. Investors will either look at the new up and coming streetwear brands or they will go with the safer option. These being the brands that are already well known and established. 

Many new streetwear brands are started by celebrities which is great for investors if they hear about it early on. These will take the public by storm, a bit like Kanye’s Yeezy brand. Justin Biber also launched his own streetwear brand called Drew, as well as partnering with H&M. It seems to become more and more popular for celebrities with a big reputation to release their own brand of clothing. 

Why is streetwear so popular? 

There are many reasons out there that make streetwear so popular. For starters, it is branded clothing at its finest. Many people love buying branded clothing that has a bit of print on it or just a brand logo. However, urban streetwear is something that also has a bit of something to the piece of clothing. Be that a brand name or just an image which, is what attracts people into buying it. 

Streetwear is also extremely comfy to wear and can be worn for anything. It is usually a very relaxed fit and is also very breathable. You are not limited to what you can wear with a piece of street clothing as well. A printed top can be worn with many different styles of jeans or shorts. They can also be worn with skirts as well. Buying clothing that goes with other clothes that you already have can be very difficult. However, streetwear clothing makes this very easy to do. 

It looks fantastic as well. It gives people that “edgy” look which makes them stand out and get noticed. Streetwear can be seen as exclusive and gives people the feeling that they are part of a community with other people. Giving it that something extra.  

Photo by Raddy Sounon from Pexels

Streetwear online and in-store

Streetwear consists of footwear, t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers, and accessories. Buyers of streetwear will usually buy footwear and that is because of the mainstream brands. The majority of the companies that sell streetwear will often build their brand awareness through social media. However, social media and the internet has not been around forever. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, streetwear began with surfers and then made it onto the hip-hop scene. This is how the brand awareness spread across the United States of America due to hip-hop rappers wearing streetwear on their live shows. Consumers of streetwear will normally expect a personal connection with the brands that they buy from. 

The market from where consumers buy their products varies with different brands and clothing. But, with streetwear, many people will buy that from stores as it is becoming more and more popular for streetwear stores to open up. The world of the internet makes it extremely easy to buy streetwear as well. There are plenty of trustworthy eCommerce sites that have built up a reputation for selling streetwear and vintage clothing. 

The internet gives opportunity to many people of starting their own business.  This is why people are starting their own clothing brands as well. Not every streetwear brand is successful when it starts up. This is simply down to the amount of competition that is out there on the market at the moment. 

More and more people buy their clothing from websites such as ASOS and Boohoo meaning there isn’t much need for stores anymore. Although many people love to feel the quality of the product before they purchase it, making sure it is in good condition etc. It can be difficult to give a piece of clothing a proper quality check if there are not any pictures of the damage already. 

Many people will like multiple options of clothing, which stores are quite limited too. In the digital world, this is not an issue and there can be a ridiculous amount of stock for the clothing items that you wish to wear. It all just depends on personal preference. 

As mentioned, many second-hand shops will sell streetwear clothing. This is where many buyers and sellers will get their items from. Other people will buy their streetwear clothing from wholesale sites which are then sold on sites such as Depop, StockX and eBay. Which they can also buy from as well. 

To Conclude

Streetwear has been popular for many years now and it only seems to be getting bigger and better. It continues to be on the front of many fashion magazines and take the fashion industry by storm. The demand for streetwear will be there for many years to come due to the number of celebrities wearing it. 

Whether you like streetwear or you do not like streetwear. You can never deny that it has dominated the fashion world in the last 30/ 40 years. In fact, you could argue that it has got even more popular due to the internet and social media. As well as the massive impact that A-list celebrities have on the fashion industry. 

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