4 Expert Tips for Adding Texture to Straight Hair

4 Expert Tips for Adding Texture to Straight Hair

There are numerous benefits that come along with having naturally straight hair. For many straight-haired folks, a post-wash styling routine is very minimal. Having hair that naturally dries straight is a huge plus because excessive blow drying and heat styling isn’t needed to make the hair straight. In addition to these perks, which are envied by wavy and curly-haired people who love to wear their hair straight, there are so many other reasons to be thankful for beautiful, straight hair! 

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With these perks also come a few traits that are not ideal for everyone. For example, since straight hair tends to showcase silky smooth strands and lots of shine, it can be a bit difficult to create and maintain textured looks. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks to help straight hair hold onto professional texture hair products and become more versatile. Here are a few expert tips for adding texture to straight hair. 

  1. Use the Right Shampoo: Adding texture to straight hair starts from the very beginning of the hair care process! It’s no secret that there are a ton of different shampoo options out there, and all of them claim to help the hair in different ways. Though shine-enhancing and moisture-boosting shampoos are great for nourishing the hair and making it look more healthy overall, these can also make it hard for straight hair to retain grip and hold textured styles. Go for a great salon shampoo that offers benefits like volume and added body to start off a textured straight hair routine.
  1. Wait Between Washes: Even though using a specific shampoo can help straight hair become more textured, it’s also important to avoid overwashing the hair. Freshly washed hair is a blank canvas, which gives the hair a healthy, sleek look, but also gives it a disadvantage when it comes to creating grip and hold. 

In order to create more texture on straight hair, it’s a good idea to wait a little longer than normal in between washes. In doing this, more buildup accumulates on the scalp and along each hair strand, making them much better suited for holding volume and texture. Since waiting longer between washes leaves more time for the scalp to become oily (which can lead to a greasy, flat appearance for some straight-haired people), it’s the perfect time to use a salon-approved dry shampoo or other powder-based product for scalp oiliness. 

  1. The Best Blowout: The blow drying process is crucial for creating texture in straight hair. This is because heat gives hair the ability to change shape and hold different styles. Just as a blow dryer and round brush can work together to brush through, heat up and smooth out curls, they can also join forces in order to add volume and dimension to straight hair that lacks texture. 

For a textured blowout, start by applying a leave-in texture cream or other texture hair products to damp hair. After pre-blowout styling products have been applied, part the hair into layered sections using clips and pins to secure each one. Begin blow drying the hair from the bottom layer to the top, taking special care to evenly distribute the hot air across all sections of the hair shaft. Use the round brush to separate hair evenly and dry the hair faster, rolling the brush slowly away from the face while blow drying. 

A great blowout signifies a pivotal point in any texture routine because the heat enhances and solidifies the effects of any products applied to the hair before blow drying. It also creates a sense of evenness throughout the hair, making it easier to get a cohesive textured look in the end. 

  1. Post-Blowout Styling: A blowout helps solidify a great foundation for a textured look, especially when it’s followed by a good post-blowout styling routine. It’s important to lock in the body and moldability of a blowout, which can be achieved by applying a layer or two of texture spray. The addition of texture spray will coat the hair strands and add dimension and a fresh consistency to the hair. 

Due to their namesakes, texture sprays, waxes, creams and pomades make a great case for adding texture to straight hair. These specific texture products give a new finish to the hair and provide a good kind of graininess that creates a beautifully textured look however it’s styled. These products are enhanced by added volume, which can be done using a teasing comb throughout the hair or solely at the roots. Texture product effects are also enhanced by changing the hair shape from straight to wavy or curly using hot tools or a heatless styling option. Be sure to finish it all off with a great salon hairspray to lock in that textured look! 

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