Easy Work Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas 

Easy Work Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas 

Finding a Halloween costume is tricky as it is but not as tricky as finding a costume that’s work appropriate. Let’s face it: it’s not a great idea to have fake blood all over your face at the 4 PM meeting. You want a costume that’s festive but also that’s comfortable.

These easy-breezy ideas that will help you waltz through the office without getting embarrassed (promise!).

1. Vampire

You don’t need to go all the way with blood capsules and gory makeup or even the buy/rent the whole costume that will cost you your half month’s salary. For a Halloween party at the office, just don a black cape, dark lipstick and heels.

2. Catwoman

This tame but fierce HR-approved costume is completely work-appropriate (as long as you leave the whip at home).

3. Black cat

This costume is like an LBD: you just can’t go wrong with it. Jazz up the whole ensemble with a statement necklace and a tail. You can also add in the whiskers and some eye makeup if you’re in the mood.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

If there’s anything else we can take away from Wes Anderson’s brilliant movie, it’d be all the costumes. They’re completely doable for office parties.

4. Pop art

You can learn to do pop-art makeup faster than cooking noodles (it’s really that easy). 

5. Cotton Candy

Feeling festive? Bring in the vibes with this adorable costume. It’s bound to give a sugar rush at the party!

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley

Dress your BFF at work to pay tribute to this legendary duo.

7. Sia

All you need is a fun wig and an all-black costume and you’re good to go. 

8. Jellyfish

Up for something fun? This mystical creature is full of ribbons, tassels and fringes.

9. Witch

An LBD/loose black gown with a hat, boots and a little bit of makeup will make up for a pretty decent witch.

10. Nurse

A white shirt-dress with a small cap is all you need for this idea. Brownie points for a stethoscope!

These costume ideas will make sure you look just right and can have fun (especially if there’s the happy hour). Let us know which was your favourite costume idea in the comments below.

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